Gelkit is “a outsourcing specialist” since 1985.

The manufacturing of refrigeration equipment for the catering industry is an area that we master to perfection. We can meet different expectations:

  • The Great Kitchen
  • The bakery – Pastry
  • Meal distribution
  • Refrigerated parcel boxes

Catering industry

Cold cabinet, fast cooling cell, freezing cell, refrigerated service, Gelkit responds to specific demands in terms of refrigeration equipment. Recognized expertise in recent years by many culinary references Grandes Cuisines.

fabricant de cellule froide sur mesure, équipements frigorifiques pour cuisine et restauration

Refrigeration equipment for Bakery – Pastry


We design and manufacture all the refrigeration equipment that a professional bakery - pastry shop needs: freezer, preservative, cabinet or fermentation chamber, static pastry cabinet, pastry tower .....

statique, tour pâtissier…..

Manufacturer of refrigerated cart and transfer cabinet for meal distribution


Gelkit develops and manufactures refrigeration equipment for rolling stock such as meal distribution trolleys, transfer cabinets.
fabricant de chariot frigorifique et armoire de transfert
conception et fabricant de boîte réfrigérée

Refrigerated parcel boxes


Our refrigeration outsourcing offer also includes refrigerated parcel boxes. This equipment makes it possible to respond to delivery requests while keeping the cold and the quality of the products. As for example, this can be useful for large surfaces in order to deliver in these refrigerated parcel boxes all types of fresh products made available to its customers.
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