The specialist in refrigeration outsourcing

Gelkit is the outsourcing specialist in refrigeration” since 1985.

We are designer and manufacturer of refrigeration equipment. Gelkit adapts to customer demand and realizes their projects on specifications.

We have two climate chambers that can simulate climate conditions to validate the operation of your prototypes. Our data loggers record all the characteristics of the equipment regardless of the operating phase.

In constant evolution, we have a load line at R290 and R600.

Our R&D department accompanies you in the development of all your projects.

Our fields of activity for refrigeration equipment and heat pumps

Production tools


We have 7000 m² of manufacturing type “lean manufacturing” with a capacity of 50 to 15 000 equipment per year.


100% of the manufactured products are checked on our test line.

Manufacturing methodology of refrigeration unit, heat pumps or dehumidifier

étude pour groupe frigorifique industriel

Work on industrial refrigeration or dehumidifier projects

Our design office equipped with a Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Solidworks, provides a technical response to all requests expressed.

Marketing specifications define customer requirements, design specifications, schedule, resource requirements and project profitability.

Design of refrigeration equipment

This phase allows our engineers to talk about creativity and determines the technological feasibility of design choices.

conception de groupe froid industriel
prototypage groupe froid industriel, déshumidificateur, pompe à chaleur

Prototype od cooling group

When developing a product, several prototypes can be made to validate the performances and the design according to the specifications.

Industrial refrigeration equipment test

We have two climatic chambers allowing to simulate different types of atmospheres (example: professional kitchen, swimming pool, laboratory). During the tests, the hygrometric temperature recordings, voltages, intensities, pressures are recorded with a datalogger.

Industrialisation froid industriel

Manufacturing of the refrigeration unit

During this phase, the product tools’ investments of the product or service are launched and the approvals obtained. The internal and external production and servicing means are mobilized. Logistics and distribution networks are prepared. The prototypes, having the functions, design and final cost, are produced and tested.

Some manufactured products

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