Heating pump

fabricant de pompe à chaleur industrielle

Acting in the energy transition, GELKIT supports its industrial customers in the design and manufacture of heat pumps.

The principle of the heat pump, whether aerothermal or geothermal, is to transfer external heat to the interior for heating or domestic hot water.

The system used is therefore very close to a conventional refrigeration system.

Thanks to the GELKIT factory’s test laboratories, the selection of the equipment to be used as well as the regulation of the heat pump are optimally defined to obtain the best energy coefficient of performance (COP).

Expert in refrigeration but also in acoustics, GELKIT will be able to offer a solution for the installation of components integrating the heat pump in order to minimize the noise of the product often placed in a residential environment.

As the choice of fluid at these high temperatures is decisive for offering good performance while respecting the laws and standards concerning refrigerants, the GELKIT R&D department will be able to advise and support manufacturers.

conception à pompe à chaleur